Justyna Jaszke

Justyna is an artist, graphic designer, photographer and poet from Poland, Krakow. Creating art with watercolour animals, original fractals, skylines and world maps. Selling art directly to wonderful people from all over the world is an extremely thrilling experience for her. Justyna Jazke's art has found homes all over the world.

Rosa Picnic

Born in Angola, lives in Lisbon. Loves to experiment art at all forms. Rosa Picnic’s experimental digital collages are surreal and eerily beautiful. She loves to play with pastel colors and portraiture. Artistic experiences, abstracts, digital collage and fun.

83 Oranges

I'm Uma. I run my own design studio called 83 Oranges™ where I design logos, websites, decor, fashion, lifestyle and everything else creative for friends and clients.

Colin Pierce

At 3 years old I was put on a surfboard, and at 10 years old behind a camera. To this day I pursue nothing but happiness and fulfillment from my art while trying to convince my parents that they're DEFINITELY getting that money back... eventually...


Hi! I am Mmartabc and I am an Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Barcelona, Spain. I specialized in design and illustration in Madrid, and for over 10 years I have worked in different sectors of design and advertising. I love design and everything that is art! I hope you enjoy! Many thanks!


I am an Art Teacher and Digital Illustrator from Porto, Portugal. I´ve studied Graphic Arts and got an Art Teaching Degree at 22. Over these years I've had the privilege of showing a big number of children all the possibilities within Art for them to explore. My illustrations are the reflection of my everyday living, with a childlike view through art and its potential, and my passion for geometry and vibrant colors!

Tiny September

My name is Jovana Koncarevic. I was born and raised in Sombor, Serbia. My interest in drawing and painting began in early childhood. Eventually I graduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia) where I studied Graphic Communications. Throughout the time I realised that surface pattern design and illustrations are my true calling. I get most of my inspiration from nature, organic shapes, interesting shapes from everyday life.