83 Oranges

I'm Uma. I run my own design studio called 83 Oranges™ where I design logos, websites, decor, fashion, lifestyle and everything else creative for friends and clients.

Colin Pierce

At 3 years old I was put on a surfboard, and at 10 years old behind a camera. To this day I pursue nothing but happiness and fulfillment from my art while trying to convince my parents that they're DEFINITELY getting that money back... eventually...


Hi! I am Mmartabc and I am an Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Barcelona, Spain. I specialized in design and illustration in Madrid, and for over 10 years I have worked in different sectors of design and advertising. I love design and everything that is art! I hope you enjoy! Many thanks!


I am an Art Teacher and Digital Illustrator from Porto, Portugal. I´ve studied Graphic Arts and got an Art Teaching Degree at 22. Over these years I've had the privilege of showing a big number of children all the possibilities within Art for them to explore. My illustrations are the reflection of my everyday living, with a childlike view through art and its potential, and my passion for geometry and vibrant colors!

Tiny September

My name is Jovana Koncarevic. I was born and raised in Sombor, Serbia. My interest in drawing and painting began in early childhood. Eventually I graduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (Serbia) where I studied Graphic Communications. Throughout the time I realised that surface pattern design and illustrations are my true calling. I get most of my inspiration from nature, organic shapes, interesting shapes from everyday life.