As a belated wedding present, I would like to take the time to tell you a wee bit about my favorite Kess Artist, below the equator; Kira Crees. Kira has been with Kess InHouse since we launched in April of this year and her work encapsulates Kess perfectly. She works predomantly by commission and we are proud to offer her work exclusively on Home Decor products.  

Kira has a very elegant but relatable style, please take a look at her Kess collection. Kira is a wonderful Kess InHouse success story. Her work is well known on the Gold Coast. As a part of Kess InHouse her work is also accessible to a larger audience who is loving her musical, painting style. In addition to painting and curating Kira, post wedding, can now add Boutonniere designing to her arsenal of artistic talents. Her Kess line is cohesive, provides My favorite piece of hers is origami strings. I love the wood texture, it looks amazing on our new Kess Naturals Collection because of the delicate and rustic texture blend. 


KIH: Where do you work? How long have you been painting? 

Kira Crees: I work in an art gallery/cafe/general store on the Gold Coast, My partner and I own it. We promote local artist of all ages etc. 


KIH: How long have you been painting? 

Kira Crees: Professionally, I've been painting since I was 16 so that's 14 years now. 


KIH: Who is your partner? Is he an artist?

Kira Crees: My husband swam for Australia and he is a pretty great photographer. Swim as in Open water (sea and the pan pacific etc) He had a shoulder injury and had to stop so now he and I run our shop together. 


Kira Crees: 

I'm in the shop/cafe most days. I'm currently working on two murals that are in the cafe areas aswell which makes it more fun. I interview artists for our gallery spaces on thursdays. I do a lot of live painting, I won the surfers Paradise Festival back in Feb of this year for my live painting piece. I find painting Live and the interaction with the audience rather amazing. I adore the hidden things in the natural world that you don't see unless you look oh so closely. I do a lot of portraits for the same reason, capturing the subtleties. *It's great I like that we can have contact with the other artists yep you can

KIH: There are a lot of animals in your work, would you tell me about your last impressionable encounter with an animal?

Kira Crees: Last encounter with an animal,I was making coffee and a gorgeously patterned beetle crawled up and along my shoulder.