Who says fabrics have to look one specific way? They don’t! Instead, when you decorate a room, consider textiles that incorporate your favorite artwork. You could choose throw pillows with a favorite scene on it or even a blanket to toss across the sofa. You can take the art into the bedroom as well. Imagine your favorite local artist adorning a duvet cover. It is a unique combination when art is melded with textiles in your home. It will create something quite different, creative, and visually attractive.

The Bathroom

Art can be brought into the bathroom as well, especially when you learn you can have local artwork included on a shower curtain. When you visit the store and shop for shower curtains, you are likely to be quite disappointed. They all look the same and they are quite boring. Instead of using just the same old shower curtain that your friends have in their homes too, you could choose a beautiful piece of artwork designed by a local artist.


In the Kitchen

Just imagine being able to include your favorite local artist in the kitchen and dining room. Of course, you could place a painting on the walls, and that is a good idea, but that’s not the only way to decorate. You could choose from cutting boards that you may be tempted to display instead of use. You could even pick placemats that will certainly be a topic of conversation at your next dinner party or family get together.

Art doesn’t have to be on the walls only. There certainly is something special about hanging your favorite paintings, and you should do this as a part of your home décor, but it isn’t your only option. In fact, designs from local artists can be incorporated in every room in your home in a variety of different creative ways. You could choose throw pillows, pillow covers, blankets, cutting boards, placemats, and duvet covers. This way, every room from the bathroom to the kitchen will feature beautiful, unique art. Start thinking outside of the box when you decorate your home. You will certainly be glad you made the decision.