As we here at Kess busy ourselves with the celebration of the Big Bang Theory's season premiere, I feel it's only fitting to tell you a little it about my favorite Telephonephobe: Miss Allison Coxon

Out of all of our wonderful Kess artists, I feel that Ally Coxon is the most "Shelley"...(BBT geeks laugh here) Something you can relate to right? Sort of, well, now that your phone is a computer... it's not as black and white. In 1993 it was reported that about 2.5 million people in Great Britain have telephone phobia so it's only fitting that our resident Kesserd (this is my best attempt at combinging Kess and the superior adjective: nerd) is from a small town in the UK called, Lowestoft which happens to be the most easterly point of England and she and her "rock" husband regularly walk and enjoy the area. 

Ally started as a photographer... "the gateway drug of design" - Although Ally took up photography for love of her environment, the escape and the enjoyment; after a few years she soon could discredit the voices of her friends and family no longer... Finally admitting to herself that she had an eye, she began giving into her creativity. 

She is currently working on a few more abstract fractals and we can't wait to add them to our store. They are her favorite and I love that. I imagine her calculating and falling deep into the spaces she creates. Ally is quirky, witty, edgy and one of our most supportive artists. She is very active on facebook, which is where, surprisingly, we had this interview. I have never met Ally or talked to her actually but I imagine she is the Juno in her town. Her work is very popular and her fractals are gorgeous. Ally and I have at least one thing in common: our favorite Ally piece: Her infamous Papillon (fractal butterfly). It reads well on our entire line. Pillows, shower curtains, cutting boards and the duvet is to die for. She is currently pushing herself beyond fractals into fractal patterns... so cool. Here's a snipet of our facebook interview.


KIH: Projects - What’s in the pipe?

AC: "As for projects..I’ve been working on a few abstract fractals, trying to turn them into patterns but it’s giving me a headache so I’ll leave them for a few days and go back to them."


KIH: "What are you doing this weekend?"

AC: "We are off to see a band play tonight...really looking forward to that. We try and go as often as we can. Maybe get a few pictures if I don’t get crushed."


KIH: "Tell me more about your habitat..."

AC: "I live by the sea..small town but there are some super lovely places nearby so I guess the landscape plays a big part in my photography. We (hubs and I) wander and walk a lot so its whatever catches my moody, grey skies..which we get a lot of here in the uk. The more abstract/fractal work is something else..I just go with the flow."


KIH: "How do you pay for your Art Habit?"

AC: "Okey dokey...I work part time at a holiday park. It's a bit mindless but the hard work of keeping the accomodation in tip top condition..keeps me slim and gives me time to think about what I would rather be doing when I get home i.e. creating I kind of fell into was never really planned. But have always loved taking photographs just for my own pleasure. I never expected to sell anything. But I was always told I had a good eye so tried my luck on a couple of pod sites with varying degrees of success." (modesty alert)


KIH: "Tell Me About Your Love"

AC: "My husband, oh where do I start..he is my rock..I have no clue how he puts up with me..we have been together for over 20 years have two great kids and he is my calming influence." 


KIH: "I love your fractals..."

AC: "The fractals are my escape..I can play for hours not always knowing where and how a piece will end up. It’s really fun to experiment with those. There are endless possibilities which is what I love."



A great place to end. Take a look at some of those fractals, you will fall in love.


3 THOUGHTS ON “Call her talented, just don't call her phone.”

by Vikki Salmela

I’m honored to get to know and become friends with Ally through her incredible art and her warm and funny personality on facebook. So often she makes me laugh out loud with her great British humor. Then I see her new art, and I am just in awe. I love Papillon, and not just because my pup is part Papillon! It looks so beautiful on the metallic wall piece. Keep it coming Ally, and maybe soon I’ll see your name as a writer for BBT!

by Catherine Holcombe

I really admire Ally’s pieces! I have always loved fractals, but she takes them to the next level! She is a darling girl with a wonderful sense of humor!♥♥♥

by Moni Strigel

I love Allys work. She has got the eye for the mood and the light and she turns her pictures into magical pieces of photography art. The fracrals are outstanding and so inspiring. I’m waiting to see new work. And the best of all: Ally is a faboulous and lovely, supportive and humerous person and friend!