It's not a requirement of Kess InHouse to be gorgeous in order to become one of our artists but given the type of people we have designing, painting and photographing for us, you'd never know it. Sam Posnick, is clearly no exception. Sam has been with us from the beginning and the Kess team and I had the pleasure of Skype interviewing her back in April when we launched. I had discovered Sam online as a professional illustrator. Her monochromatic, simple, yet complex designs were not only eye catching they are captivating. Sam can capture nature in a french drawing / victorian wallpaper style that is all her own. 

It all made sense when we spoke to Sam from her house in Canada. She is an outdoors woman who is married to a professional photographer. They enjoy exploring and capturing the beautiful world that they live in and its a pleasure to look at. Her initial inspiration early on was a trip to Euorpe as a young girl. She also gathered a lot inspiration from her job at the Manatoba museum which focuses on animals. 


Sam Posnick is both an illustrator and graphic designer and her work is representative of an equal balance of both. She doesn't consider herself and artist artist, she admires Charlie Harper but she finds herself more inspired by music and her environment.

Her peer group is compiled of a high percentage of photographers, designers and illustrators. A proud Winnipegan, she is also Pachacahan participant; a group of artists are selected present. 20 slides that are 20 seconds long. Her first presentation was called "Failing Upward" How to succeed as a graphic designer without trying... clearly design comes very easy to her as one of the top illustrators on istock, which is also based in Canada. 

After meeting Sam and working with her as we developed her first collection her sense of humor and wit was almost as enjoyable to me as her art. She has a very distinct viewpoint and sense of color and design. If you are looking for artists to follow on facebook or Twitter, I highly recommend stepping into Sam's brain once in awhile, she will make you think and laugh. 



Her perspective in life and her work is simple, clean, editorial and irresistible. Please take a look at her fabulous work. 

My favorite piece of hers is a tie. I adore her nature work, and I can't love Elk Scene but I can't get enough Mixedtape. If you have a favorite, please let us know below.