I am so proud to be writing about this artist. Claire Day is one of my favorite artists. Claire has been with us since the beginning of Kess InHouse. We approached Claire before the site was even completed. Her humility does not match her talent. For such a young artist, Claire has established a unique and consistent style with grace. Her body of work is both full of feeling and fun. Claire's future in art is not only bright, it's multi-colored. Kess InHouse is so happy to have Claire Day and her fabulous work available on our home products.


 KIH: What is your first artistic memory?

CD: "Probably when I was about 5 sitting at the kids table with my sisters coloring in a Little Mermaid coloring book; I remember being really focused on staying inside the lines and being obsessed with Ariel."


KIH: Can you tell me about your artistic process? 

CD: "Typically, I'll be surfing the internet and come across some other artist work that I admire and I try to take the medium that they are using and make my own creations. I'll then run all over town gathering materials and set up shop in my apartment. I will turn on some music or a marathon of something on TV for background noise and create for hours. I work full time so when I do have time to work on my craft I try and create the piece in one sitting however, the alcohol ink coaster sets I make take about a week to make an entire set; there are many steps to get them up to my standards. My place is constantly covered in coasters in various states of the production process."


KIH: What was your first medium?

CD: "Crayons"


What is your favorite medium?

CD: "Alcohol Ink"


KIH: What is your favorite color? 

CD: "Any jewel tone at the moment."


KIH: What are some common threads that you find throughout your work? 

CD: "Abstract color: I have always admired artist who are able to paint or draw realistically but I've never been able to get the same emotional reaction from any of my more realistic work. I like to mix bright colors that complement each other well and the mediums I use allow me to create visually interesting pieces that people love to have brighten up their living space. As I grow as an artist I plan on exploring different subject matter though."

KIH: Tell us about your first show.

CD: "My first show was actually back in February of last year! It was kind of a whirlwind experience. I was sought out by the wonderful RAW Artist team in Denver and asked to feature my work in the RAW: DISCOVERY showcase. I was so paranoid that I would not be up to par with the other amazing artists that were going to be there. I prepared for months and I was so excited and nervous the day of. I actually was so anxious that I ended up forgetting some essential and had to run home several times while setting up. Once everything got started it was so surreal! All my stress was completely unnecessary; several people approached me and told me that my work was their favorite which floored me. I felt like I was dreaming."

"I had a lot of people there to support me as well. My parents, sisters and grandparents drove in from out of town, my crazy coworkers showed me some love and my amazing boyfriend supported me through the entire ordeal. I was able to make a lot of money selling my paintings and coaster too; which is always a plus! Over all it was a memory I will never forget and I am glad I had the chance to be a part of it. I've been doing multiple shows a month since and will be a featured RAW artist again at the EXPRESSIONS event in Boulder June 2nd!"


KIH: What is your studio space like? 

CD "My home office...sitting cross legged on my couch or on the floor in my living room."

1 THOUGHTS ON “It's a Claire Day”

by Ryan Nelson

This artist is my favorite, my friend bought Claire days art and its the perfect style to add color and fun to any room!