It's only fitting that heading into this three day weekend, honoring the brave men and women who serve this huge, beautiful country, we should feature the ultimate, humble outdoorsman and artist, Maynard Logan. Maynard is one of those people, you know the kind; relatively silent, gentle, constantly observing...the kind of people who elegantly go about their lives and make everything look easy. Maynard Logan worked his way through college as a self-taught chef and freelance photographer. Maynard sees art in capturing beauty but also making beauty. He doesn't see the difference or classification rather between a beautifully snapped fly fishing pole or a beautifully snapped photo.

He has been known to go camping via canoe, steaks in tow and makes an effort to ski 3-4 times a week, in season. Nowadays everyone is a photographer and Maynard supports that. His humility and passion for the great outdoors come through with extreme grace. It's no wonder Maynard has such a great following. Creativity is a great part of his heritage. He learned to love art by watching his father, a career illustrator. Although it was hard to compliment this outstanding artist, it was a joy to talk to Maynard Logan. As usual, the standard window questions are below. Thanks for reading. 

KIH: What is your first memory as an artist?
ML: "I went to visit my father around 7 he was an illustrator of childrens books and survived as an artist with out a day job. I played on paper with markers and water color using different techniques he had taught me. mostly drawing wine glasses sideways and putting a drop of paint down, blowing on ti to look as though the wine had spilled"

KIH: What is your creative process? 
ML: "I often go for long drives on the vast network of dirt roads that the rocky mountains have to offer here in colorado. Flowers, clouds, skies, trees, rocks. what ever captures my eye. later sometimes days. i will look over the photos. to see what is there." 

KIH: What was your first medium? 
ML: "watercolor" 

KIH: What is your favorite medium? 
ML: "Photography" 

KIH: What is your favorite color right now? 
ML: "Some kind of purply red blue hue "

KIH: What common threads do you find show up in your work? 
ML: "Nature seems to be pretty common"

KIH: Where do you do most of your work?
ML: "Most of my post work is done in the wee hours of the night. On my laptop wherever i happens to be" 


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This kids a Way out beatnik & I dig his Work…love dad