Aimee St. Hill
is one of our wonderful launch artists. Our creative team had the pleasure of "sitting down" with Aimee via Skype a couple of weeks ago. Before the interview, I knew she lived and worked in Barbados but once the screen faded to her face and I was able to see into her studio; her beautiful, playful, tropical art made perfect sense. Talking to her was as pleasurable as flipping through her work.

As we got aquainted, I could, I kid you not, feel the tropical breeze and our office felt that much warmer. Aimee is a true, professional illustrator who has made a successful career interpreting her gorgeous surrondings onto home decor products so that we can all share in her Barbados world. I have no idea which print looks best on which shower curtain, pillow, duvet or blanket but I want them all and so do our savvy customers. Here's a bit of our conversation:

KIH: What is your first memory as an artist?

"I drew and painted a lot as a kid. My parents were very encouraging and surrounded me with creative people. My Mum had one friend in particular who was very creative, I wanted to be just like her. I remember trying to draw picture of My Little Pony (from the T V series, just to be clear, we weren't loaded) for her and being so mad because I thought it looked like a pig. I'm told I got mad a lot when things didn't go my way, I like to think I've moved past that!"

KIH: What is your creative process?

"Colour is always inspiring to me so I tend to start there. I usually draw or paint lots of individual elements onto paper and then arrange and edit them using my computer. I like very busy designs that almost feel like a sensory overload so the editing part is often difficult for me!"

KIH: What was your first medium?


What is your favorite medium?


KIH: What common threads do you find show up in your work?

"Most of my work is brightly coloured and dense with pattern. These elements tend to apply whether I'm using paint, pencil or markers."

KIH: Can you tell us about your first show? 

"My first show was my end of University showcase (I studied printed textile design). The work I presented was a digitally printed mixture of fashion design and home accessories with a focus on abstract art and illustration. At the time I was experimenting with layering and wanted to create designs that wouldn't let your eye rest in one place. I would describe the collection as busy and loud!"

Where do you do most of your work?

"I do most of my work at a table in my living room, usually whilst watching Star Trek in my pyjamas!"