With a paintbrush and an enticing color pallet, CarolLynn Tice render stunning abstract images. Her work is invigorated with a raw style that is a concoction of different painting techniques, hues and emotions. Being a self taught artist, CarolLynn brings an edge of experimentation to every work. This no fear attitude drives her paintings to be a hot mess of color and style.

There is something so delectably fun about her work. Her painting “Splash” for instance is a captivating cocktail of yellow, orange, pink and red hughes. The colors are arranged in a messy splotchy fashion. For being such a energetic piece, there is still a very clear focal point that draws your eye in, allowing your peripheral senses take in the splashes of paint. It’s a memorizing piece that demands attention.

It makes it so interesting to then look like a piece like “Make a Statement” which almost feels like the opposite to “Splash”. Instead of globs of paint being splattered, the piece is composed of gritty stripes of color that build up a subtle coastal imagery. The rich texture of the piece seems nostalgically weathered. The cool color palette lends the painting to be used as intriguing accent piece.

CarolLynn Tice offers a unique take on abstract painting. Her art can be utilized in stark modern environments.

Artist Interview

KIH: Your paintings are a superb blend of a variety of techniques. What draws you to mixing and matching painting styles while creating new artwork?

CarolLynn Tice:I’m always striving to create something awesome. I love trying new techniques, blending colors and layering textures with the intent to create something new. I want my art to be unique enough to draw attention, but simple enough to look well placed in a variety of surroundings. Sometimes it’s trial and error, but it’s very exciting to see what I am able to come up with. My art does vary in technique, but I don’t feel the need to narrow in on a more identifiable style at this point. Mainly because I think that the variety that I offer fulfills a market need and being able to use different technique keeps things from getting boring.

KIH: You are a self-taught artist. How does being self taught inform your artistic style?

CarolLynn Tice: I never feel like I have to get it right the first time. If a painting doesn’t turn out completely awesome, I just add more layers. It’s easy for me to go with my ideas and instincts because I haven’t had any outside influences telling me any different. I actually have a business degree so I see each painting as a piece of intellectual property that attributes to the growth of my business.

KIH: What is your favorite piece? How did you develop the composition?

CarolLynn Tice: I love them all so picking a favorite isn’t easy. I’d have to ‘A Simple Abstract’. This was one of my first pieces that really got attention on Etsy. At the time, I had wanted to create an abstract with the popular colors of grey and yellow. Something simple that people would be excited to purchase. I used a brayer and some acrylic paint on paper and was really excited to see what I had been able to create.

KIH: Your paintings have a fun and intriguing abstract style. What first drew you to this style of painting?

CarolLynn Tice: The short answer is ‘love’. I’ve always loved abstract art and color. I was inspired at one point to create my own artwork and I’ve never found any other type of work more exciting. I strive to create artwork that people would be excited to hang in their home or office and show to their friends and family. I always hang a few of my favorite pieces throughout my house and then I’ll make others as they sell.

KIH: What artists inspire you to create?

CarolLynn Tice: I have found so many artists on Etsy and Pinterest that are very talented. There is one artist on Etsy that I would say has been the most inspiring. I like simple designs with thin lines and plenty of variation in color. Mark Rothko is also one of the more recognizable names that I admire.

KIH: What do you find boosts your creativity the most?

CarolLynn Tice: I think about art and designs quite a lot. With those thoughts, I will then create what I imagined in my mind. I also love searching Pinterest and I have definitely seen pieces that inspire me, but I’d say that most of it comes from my imagination.

KIH: Where do you do most of your work?

CarolLynn Tice: I do most of my work, such as painting and taking photos of my artwork in my studio, which is located in my home. When I have work to do on the computer, I’ll often sit on the couch or out on the porch. I love the having flexibility of being able to do that.