As our first ever sister team, Debora and Lilian work together on their nature inspired artwork collection together. As our founders, Sara and Erik are a brother and sister duo this hits home with Kess! Creatively inspired by the country, gardens, and most of all nature Debora and Lilian truly collaborate together to create the beautiful artwork that they share with us at Kess. Fortunately for us, they chose to share their artwork with the world on our home decor products like shower curtains, duvet covers, throw pillows, blankets and more! Located in Brazil, they are surrounded with culture and most of all inspiration for their artwork. Here at Kess, we are so impressed with how beautiful DLKG design's artwork is as they work together with their different techniques and materials to create a common thread! We look forward to even more artwork from DLKG design. Kess Inhouse had the fortunate pleasure of having a quick Q&A with DLKG design (Debora and Lilian)


KIH: What is your first memory as an artist?

DLKG: Since we are sisters that work together we remember when we were little girls we used to draw together fashion clothes and cartoons. 


KIH: What is your creative process?

DLKG: First we find inspiration in forms, shapes, textures, colors of nature, urban sites, antiques, modern architecture, dreams and so on. We usually start sketching ideas and then we start painting, drawing, collage sometimes and finish the work digitally. 


KIH: How do you guys make sure your artwork is cohesive between the two of you?
DLKG: We have many types of drawings and paintings, our sketch line is completely different from one another. That's actually 

 what allows us to have a variety of designs. Lilian creates more soft, delicate and detailed drawings and paintings while I have a rougher and looser hand sketch and painting techniques. When we are creating we complement each other with our individual features.


KIH: What made you want to be an artistic sister team?

DLKG: It was a natural thing to happen. Since we were little we would draw together. During our study growth we were apart, Lilian studied fashion design and I was studying graphic design, but we always shared what we were learning. It just happened.


KIH: How is working with your sister?

DLKG: We have the best partnership in the world. Since we know each other for life it makes everything easier. We understand each others thoughts and ideas making us agree in the final result. We are very honest with one another and we criticize what we do, so that makes us achieve our goals.


KIH: What is your favorite color right now?

DLKG: Yellow!


KIH: What common threads do you find show up in your work?

DLKG: We believe that our common thread would be the mix of different techniques and materials in the same art. 


KIH: Tell us about your first show!

DLKG: Our first show was with a company in Brazil that makes fabrics for the decoration market. 


KIH: Where do you do most of your work?

DLKG: Our home office


KIH: Do you guys always have the similar vision?
DLKG: Not always. We both give our perspective on how we wish the design to be. But while we are creating new ideas come to mind, making the creative process richer. Sometimes the first intention is what prevails and sometimes a new will makes it all come together for some designs.