Ebi Emporium started at a very young age! Pinpointing her first memory as an artist, she participated in and won pretty much every coloring and drawing contest she entered, as a child. She is inspired by an abundance of random things throughout her day! Her inspiration could come from a pattern and color palette on a dress to a dream in the middle of the night. Ebi Emporium's color variations and vibrant patterns are what makes her the perfect fit for home decor items like shower curtains, duvet covers, throw pillows, and many more! As one of our more veteran artists of Kess she has had the experience to sell her beautiful artwork onto our high quality home decor items! Fortunately for us, Ebi Emporium is always submitting new artwork for us to feature! She has brand new artwork on her artist page, and we highly recommend checking it out. 


KIH: What is your first memory as an artist?

EE: Gosh, I've been drawing and painting since as long as I can remember, really. So it's hard to pinpoint my first memory as an artist. I do remember that I participated in (and won) pretty much every drawing or coloring contest I did as a child, I had my work published on the cover of an official directory by the school board in my city while I was in elementary school, and that I was taking art classes alongside adults at the local community centre when I was only about 7 years old. Hehe. I guess I started pretty young, and I just kept at it. 


KIH: What is your creative process?

EE: I'm pretty random in that regard. My creative process changes each time I work, depending on my mood. Sometimes I get inspired when I'm online by something as simple as a color palette in a dress, and then that sets me in to "work mode" with paintbrushes in-hand. Other times, an image will come to me in a dream and I will wake up in the middle of the night, head upstairs and put some music on while I work through the night. It really depends. But the one thing that always remains the same is that I like to work when nobody is around and I can make a mess without people seeing. 


KIH: What was your first medium?

EE: Pencil, then Watercolor, and then Acrylics  

KIH: What is your favorite medium?

EE: Acrylic

KIH: What is your favorite color right now?

EE: Ummm, I really dont think I have one, since so many colors are absolutely stunning. I just know tht black isn't it. 


KIH: What common threads do you find show up in your work? 

EE: Vibrant colours, for sure. I also really aim to capture a sense of whimsy, and have some element in all my pieces that might make someone smile :) 


KIH: Tell us about your first show?

EE: Well, I showed my work quite a lot when I was in art school - but I don't know if that counts. Since officially starting my business, I've done a lot of local Vancouver art and craft shows, where I've featured both original paintings, and a range of products with my designs on them. The first show as "Ebi Emporium" was about a year ago, now. 


KIH: Where do you do most of your work?

EE: I always work in my pjs or scrubs, looking like a bum, in my home studio. Most of the time, I work with my hair in a mess and no makeup on - I have nobody to impress when I paint: Just colors to put on canvas.