Taking just a pen or a black marker, Julia Grifol creates some of Kess Inhouse's earliest pattern designs! Julia develops her designs in a very fun and interesting way by doodling shapes on a piece of paper. She then takes these drawings of shapes and turns them digitally into patterns. Julia was inspired at a young age by her uncle who was a professional oil painter. With a love of cheerful bright colors, Julia brightens Kess Inhouse's product line and staff's day! With a love of butterflies, flowers, and botanical icons Julia truly defines the definition of cheery and patterned! Julia has been with Kess for quite some time and we feel we truly have the advantage having her showcase her beautiful work on our product line!

KIH: What is your first memory as an artist? 

JG: I remember when I was a little child at school I was always drawing doodles on my school text books. That passion and need to draw has been a constant throughout my life. My uncle was a professional oil painter and I loved to watch him painting in his studio or in the countryside. I suppose he taught me that passion for arts. 


KIH: What is your creative process? 

JG: I like taking a pen or a black marker and simply drawing a sketch on a sheet of white paper. Sometimes I know what I want to draw, but other times I don ́t, and so I’ll just start drawing shapes. I keep these shapes and the following day I choose the ones I think are best suited to developing a pattern. I then scan and trace them on to my computer and finish them digitally. 


KIH: What was your first medium?

JG: Marker Pens


KIH: What is your favorite medium currently?

JG: Black marker pen


KIH: What is your favorite color right now?

JG: Fuchsia, but I also love black


KIH: What common threads do you find show up in your work?

JG: My personal style is an effortless, fresh and naive style, highlighted by the use of cheerful and bright colours. I like designing flowers, butterflies, and botanical icons. I also like designing black and white patterns. 


KIH: Tell us about your first show?

JG: When I was young my portfolio of children’s fashion designs was given a grant from the Impiva that promoted young designers in Valencia, my town. I showed my collection at the International fashion children’s fair. 


KIH: Where do you do most of your work?

JG: I work from my home studio, which allows me lots of freedom and the ability to organize myself and manage my time well.