Home Feeling a Little Plain? Add a splash of color and art with your home décor.

When you walk into your home, how do you feel? It should feel like the perfect space for you, expressing your personality and offering a comfortable environment. Do you walk in, though, and feel like it just seems plain? Maybe you need to add art to your couch, kitchen, and bathroom! In fact, choosing the right piece of décor will certainly liven up the room and make it feel so much more inviting. If you don’t currently have anything on in your home that is artistic, then it is important to learn how to choose the right piece for each space.


“The purpose of the room where you intend to display your art should influence the tone of the artwork itself. “In other words, before you decorate those plain walls, consider what room you are in and what you want to accomplish with that space.

The Living Room

Often, the purpose of a living room will be to create a relaxing environment where you can unwind after a long day of work or where you can spend fun time with the family. For this room, you definitely want to choose artwork that is comfortable and calm as well. You certainly don’t want to choose anything loud or busy because that will detract from the relaxing atmosphere. Make sure you choose colors that coordinate well with the furnishings so that you will create a cohesive, relaxing environment.

The Bedroom

If you are decorating the plain walls in the master bedroom, then you need to consider what you want to accomplish with the artwork you pick. A bedroom should never be busy or energetic since this will take away from the purpose of the space. Instead, when you pick artwork, look for things that are calming and quiet or you could choose to pick art that is seductive in nature.


The Dining Room

In the dining room, you have the perfect chance to choose bold or dramatic artwork. That’s because this space is usually filled with energy, family time, or spending an evening with friends. People will sit around a table and talk while they enjoy a meal. For that reason, colors can be brighter and bolder. Just make sure you choose shades that do match with the rest of the dining room.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing wall art for any room in your home is that it should coordinate well. Yes, it can work to set a tone, but it will not be cohesive if it doesn’t match the rest of the space.

If your walls are feeling plain, then it is time to do something about this. All you need to do is choose the right art to include on the walls. Keep in mind that you should pick the wall décor based on the room. Consider the tone and purpose of the space and you will find it much easier to dress up those plain walls perfectly.