“New Year, New Me!” is too real nowadays, especially when it comes to how you keep yourself healthy and happy. Not everyone can have their own trainer nor do they have the time to get healthy in a jiffy. Here are some realistic goals when it comes to being fit and relaxed in 2016.


  1.  Get Sleep : Remember that sleep is extremely important to your health and rejuvenating your body after a good workout is crucial. This is also the easiest step to take toward a healthy lifestyle. Because who doesn’t love sleep? Just remember to get between 6-8 hours of sleep a night, for your health.
  2. Aim Low : Do not make unrealistic goals and get disappointed. Aim to loose five pounds before twenty pounds. Aim to walk a mile before running a marathon. This way you are accomplishing goals and keeping your spirits up.
  3. Focus on being healthy : Being healthy is more important than being a certain number. Once you focus on being healthy everything else should fall into place. Do not focus on “get slim fast” gimmicks or “miracle pill” informercials. Just stay healthy. Swim
  4. Exercise when sore : This will hurt but is so worth it. Keep your body moving while healing like a light jog or an easy hike. Keeping your muscles moving everyday will make the pain go away.
  5. Workout from home : Some people prefer to workout in the gym but if it does not work with your schedule consider working out from home. You can always do workouts with videos, Wii Fit, or with at home weights. No need to fit time in to go to the gym.
  6. Weekend drinking only : Drinking slows down your metabolism and carries a lot of calories and carbs. Consider only drinking on the weekends or keep drinking to a minimum so you can keep up with your goals.
  7. Eat whole foods : Whole foods tend to have a lot less processed sugars and hidden sodium. Do not take out your favorite foods but everything is better in moderation. Active
  8. Exercise, even if only for 15 min : It is important just to keep active everyday. If you have no time or energy just try a walking the dog for 15 min or parking extra far to get a minimum of 15 of activity.
  9. Have a exercise buddy : Find someone who wants to workout with you or has the same goals. It helps keep you honest and accountable on the days when you don’t want to work out. Because you will have days when you wont want to work out and they will be there.
  10. Take a day to relax or destress : It is normal to take days off when you have been working out so that your body can rejuvenate. Take a full day to relax or maybe substitute with yoga for a day to restretch some overused muscles.  Relax

Do you have any suggestions to keep being healthy for 2016? Please comment below!

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