Valentines Day is this weekend and it is time to think about what date plans you have made. Did you get a gift? Are you both going Dutch? But if this is the romantic date that you have been imagining then you have to plan something out that you both can do together. We have complied a list of ideas that are easy enough for any hopeless romantic to pull off. Enjoy.

Standard Movie

Movie Intro

Bring your date to the movies! You can pick out something both of you have been wanting to watch or even something silly so you both can start fresh. Bring candy, popcorn, soda, and an extra blanket. Movie theatres are cold so don’t forget that extra blanket.


Couch Fort

If you don’t feel like going out feel free to stay in and binge watch your favorite TV show. Netflix and Hulu have everything under the sun to watch so just pick and play. To make it more fun and spontaneous try making a couch fort out of throw pillows, blankets, and duvets.



Getting a reservation during this holiday at a nice restaurant will cost you an arm and a leg. Try staying in and making dinner together or making it for your valentine. Get some recipe ideas and buy all the ingredients ahead of time. Put on a show! Let them see you prep and how good you are at cooking. If you need any cooking accessories like the ones above just click here.



If you are not sure about actually doing something over the top, try going on a walk or putting away your phones for the night to enjoy each others company. A cute gift that is not over the top could be a pouch or box filled with your valentines favorite things. Take their favorite book, candy, snack, trinket, movie, mini-game, condiment, a new key chain, post its with love notes, or gift cards and jam them all into said pouch. They will swoon over your thoughtful gift.



This Valentines Day is a Sunday and everyone has busy schedules. If you and your valentine can only celebrate late, you can always take a night cap by the fireplace with coffee or tea. This gives you both time to talk and cuddle by the fire. If you Valentine really likes coffee or tea, maybe get them a mug and a new coffee or tea to try.



Take the day to take care of yourself and your valentine by bringing them to yoga then to get a massage or giving each other a massage for added intimacy. The yoga will help you relax your mind and body with added stretching. Afterwards get a massage to relax those same muscles you overstretched during yoga. It will get you both pampered while being very romantic.

Did you like these suggestions? Let us know what you did on your Valentines Day! Comment below.