Rug Layering



Layering rugs hit the radar early this year and it's spread to about every interior design blog since. We've been experimenting with layers here in the studio and once we started, we couldn't stop! We realized it was a way to cozy up our big space. It provided a real personality to the room.

Kess has some great rug designs on We've pulled a collection of designs that we think would look amazing together! No matter what direction you'd like to go in (boho, monochrome, vintage aztec, etc) there's always choices on

We found some great inspiration on Wit & Delight. They had a few great tips that we think will help!


3 Tips for Layering Rugs:

1. Try layering a vintage printed rug over a solid natural rug for a mix of textures and aesthetics.

2. Don’t stop at two! Layering three or four rugs can look stunning.

3. Explore layering rugs in different rooms in your home, like the bathroom, bedroom, and living room.




Here are 5 Collections that we think would be amazing for layering. All provided by



Aztec Animal Print

Rug Layering

Aztec Leaves

Rug Layering

Mandala Watercolor

Rug Layering


Rug Layering

Abstract Mandala

Rug Layering