An upcoming trend in home decorating is using metallic textures to bring a regal yet diffused atmosphere to your house. Using shades of red with gold brings to mind majestic palaces and expensive taste. Using classic gold and white with black accents can indicate a kind of purity and innocence with an air of royalty. Simple and clean metallic decoration can leave a lasting impression with guests and will give your home a subtle sparkle.

Metallic Living Room

Combined with vivid colors such as red, gold can revive a room.  Gold accents can revitalize space and add a flourish of class while keeping the focus on the room itself.

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Utilizing silvers and grays in furniture will give your room a fantastic neutral color palate with a shimmer. While not as vibrant as gold or copper, silver can give the ambience a cool touch, creating a relaxed environment. Creating copper tones will give a warm and inviting atmosphere while naturally brightening the space.

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Heidi Jennings "Venice" Nika Martinez "Glitter Anchor" Nina May "Deco Angles Gold Black"