1. Use Cash & Budget : Black Friday shopping gives you the best deals on anything and everything you ever wanted. Remember that just because it is on sale does not mean you have to have it. Make a budget and get it in cash.
  2. Map it out : If you know the store, map out a route around the store to get to the things you want first then move in a circular motion around the rest of the store. Realize stores might move around items for merchandizing.
  3. Be Flexible : Not everything you want will be on sale. Get over it. Remember not all stores will have back stock.
  4. Don’t bring your children : Children tend to run around and get lost during this busy time of year, not to mention get run over by pushy shoppers.
  5. Bring some quick eat foods or plan meals ahead of time : We know there are a lot of stores to get to on Black Friday but your health comes first. Remember to eat and stay hydrated.
  6. Bring a friend: You will need someone that can run things to the car if you have too many bags or someone to hold your spot when you will eventually need to take a bathroom break.
  7. BE KIND! : We all used to work retail. They want to help you get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Plus your not the only one shopping, everyone is stressed on Black Friday. Make the day as easy as possible by being as kind as possible to everyone.
  8. Be Patient : We all used to work retail. They want to help you get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.
  9. Don’t forget there is always Cyber Monday : Cy·ber Mon·day noun (in the US) the Monday following Thanksgiving, promoted by online retailers as a day for exceptional bargains. Stores don’t like taking a sale on and off so quickly when a lot more people are willing to shop. Cyber Monday will have some of the same deals or even better ones. Check out some deals right now that will also be featured on Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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