Have you ever had guests over and continually had to traverse from the kitchen to living room to entertain your guests. An emerging trend places bar carts at the scene of the action so you can stay and play bartender while continually conversing with your friends and family. What’s in a bar cart? I’m glad you asked.

Bar Cart

One Glasses that can be displayed. These will be front and center, don’t use the old ones. Make them shine.

Two A Shaker. You can’t mix drinks without one, so it pays to have one on hand.

Bar Cartimage2

Three Napkins. Accidents happen, better to be prepared for them whenever they happen.

Four Tools. Corkscrews, scoop, bottle openers, all jobs comes with their tools. Acquaint yourself with the tools of the trade to be prepared for anything.

Bar Cart

Five Ice Bucket. Because nobody likes warm drinks.

Other Be sure to add some flair to show off your bar cart. Signs, flowers, candles, decanters, a clock, coasters, or maybe even a bartenders dictionary.

product2 product4

Be sure to customize and accessorize your newly decorated bar cart with desk mats or coasters from KESS InHouse. The vibrant printing process will add functionality and color to your drinks that is sure to impress your guests.

product3 product1

The combinations and inspiration for bar carts are endless and you can wind up with something that show off who you are and looks nice for your guests. Be creative with yours and don’t forget the alcohol.