In this ever evolving urban world, personal bags have become essential. Not just your average female purse but bags to carry necessities - books, groceries and beach gear for example. Kess has some amazing tote bags in different sizes and in thousands of designs. We asked around the Kess Office Building how some use their tote bags on a daily basis.





1. School Books

Some still in college said they like using a casual tote bag if they only have one or two classes that day. There's no need to carry around a bulky backpack for two books.

2. Outdoor Art Trips

Many of our artists love putting themselves into a natural atmosphere when ready to create new art. Whether that means heading to the beach or heading on a hike, they love the size of the tote bags for carrying notebooks and utensils.

3. Beach Days

Heading to the beach means taking things with you. Of course the essentials like a towel, sunscreen and some water but also things like wireless speakers, flip flops and goggles can be on the list. Kess tote bags are perfect for throwing everything in and heading out.

4. Concerts in the Park

Music is big and outdoor shows are among our favorite summer activities. Taking some snacks and refreshments are definitely needed if your going to be lounging for a few hours on the lawn.

5. Groceries

Here in California, you have to pay extra for plastic and paper bags. So having a supply of bags in your car is very important. The large size tote bag is great for those trips to the store.



It seems like tote bags are so versatile that it will come in hand almost anywhere you head out to. Comment what you like to use your personal totes for below!




Here's a link to check out Kess tote bag designs: