Summer has arrived, and there’s no better way to spend these warm months than hitting the open road, windows down, music up, cruising along the scenic route. This list of tips and tricks should help make your road trip smooth sailing.

Keep Track of Your Travels

A good road trip is full of surprises and it’s easy to forget the little joys when you’re being inundated with so many new experiences. Make sure to write down all of the interesting things that you see. Jotting down the thoughts that you have while in the passenger seat can also be an amazing way to pass the time. Our KESS inHouse everything notebooks are perfect little travel journals.

Don’t Overplan!

Even if you are a straight up textbook type-A personality, trips across the country are the perfect time to let your guard down. Don’t just drive through towns! Stop in and ask the locals what the best hole in the wall restaurant is, and jot that down in your Everything Notebook.  Follow the billboards to the roadside attractions! Road trips aren’t meant to be spent solely behind the wheel. Make sure that you take detours, get out of the car, jump in a lake or stop at a beach. Make sure that you pack the essentials for spontaneous adventure in one these cute KESS Totes! Pack some sunscreen, mosquito repellent, bathing suits, camera, extra cash, flippy floppies, Sunglasses, snacks etc. so you’re ready for some spontaneous fun!

Always Be Prepared

While road trips are exciting, part of the excitement is that there may be mishaps along the way. A KESS inHouse everything bag can be a perfect carrier for emergency items such as band-aids, Neosporin, a flashlight, phone charger, and any other necessities that you may need to grab in a pinch. You don’t want to be stuck digging through your trunk for the essentials when you could easily have them by keeping them in an everything bag in your glove box.

Take Pictures, Track Your Travels in Every Way

Take photos as you go! Our memories can be tricky, and you don’t want to forget about that beautiful forest or that interesting local that you met along the way! You can also stitch the path that you’ve taken into a map so that you can hang it on your wall as a memory of the amazing places that you’ve visited!

Make a Mix-Tape

Nothing makes cruising down the highway more enjoyable than some amazing tunes. We put together a road-trip playlist just for you so that you’ll be prepared when you’re bitten by the travel bug!

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