Fall 2018 has definitely pulled the navy hues to the fore. Whether it's on the wall or in the accents, it's a color that is coming strong and making itself well known. We are on board and have been inspired to produce some great ideas from the Kess vault of design!

Even though it may be dark for the wall, we have given in. This first look is one of our favorite fall shots. It's simple but cozy. Both wall art designs are done by Kess artists. The left design is by Ebi Emporium and it is entitled "Winter Dreamland 1." It's a beautiful oil painting collaborating deep and light tones invasively. The art piece on the right is by Stacey Ann Cole and it's entitled "Yearning African American Art". A perfect simplistic watercolor design that is not only elegant but deep in interpretation.





This second pic is more subtle. The navy is being used on the duvet cover of this industrial studio apartment. We absolutely love studios like these because of the tall ceilings and open spaces. This was the beginning stage of our photoshoot. I love the use of the watercolor design on the bed. This design was done by Crystal Walen and it's entitled "Watercolor Floral". What's great about using Navy as a base, we were able to coordinate other colors like creams and greens with it easily. Definitely one of the more currently trending color combinations.





Sometimes going small is better for your space. Here we used an accent throw pillow to showcase our navy look. Here we have a navy marble design by artist Wild Wild and it's entitled "Blue & Gold Marble".









Let us know what you decide to do with this season's navy look!