Now that the dreary winter days are over, we can fold up and put away the large supply of fleece blankets and pj's. Hibernation season is over!  Time for a refresh without breaking the budget. Let's talk about 4 must-do's to sprucing up for summer!

Wall Art

Typically in the winter wall art is much "colder" in design and feel. It's time to bring the warm feels in and switch up with pictures of waters, sand and sun!

Floral and green prints are still trending these days so think about bringing the green in as well. We absolutely love using natures color pallet at Kess so here's a few prints we used:

Summer Spruces

Floor Art

Whether you need an area rug to cover up some old carpet or just some floor pillows to add a little warm colors to your space, sprucing up what you see below will definitely make things feel new and alive. We are all about area rugs here at Kess.  They can brighten up any room instantly!

Summer Spruces

Window Coverings

Window treatments can feel outdated very quickly but if done the right way, they add a level of sophistication that will elevate your room. Sometimes just white or off-white from ceiling to floor will work if you need the extra natural light.

Want to add a slight hint of color? No worries. Keeping it subtle will allow the room to speak and not just the windows. But if your room is very neutral then maybe a bold print would be better for you - like in a kitchen setting! 


Summer Spruces
Summer Spruces

Throws & Throws

One of the most economic ways to change the pace of your room are throw pillows! Just a new setup on your bed or living room furniture can definitely support that makeover you need this season. We are all about bold pillows this season. 


Summer Spruces