You’ve resisted the urge to find out the gender of your baby and now you’re hit with an itch to do some crazy nursery shopping! There’s so many good ideas out there, but you still can’t decide on a theme. Hey, maybe it’ll come to you in a dream or Maybe not. Now you’re in a time crunch and need some ideas. NO BIG DEAL, we got you!


You can start with a simple color palette. Try light and bright colors that bring out the room. You can go with the traditional White for a clean look or go with Gray, which happens to be growing in popularity; bringing a touch of elegance and simplicity to the room. If Gray and White does not work for you, try some pastel colors like Green or Yellow to add a pop to the room.

Get creative! There may be only four walls, but that doesn’t mean they have to all consist of the same color. Make one of the walls stand out with some removable geometric wallpaper or if you’re the artistic type, make the wall your canvas and create your own scenery. If you’re not very artsy, try decorating the walls with fun wall art and frames. Check out Kess InHouse’s Natural Prints for some inspiration!

Choose a theme that brings everything together! Who doesn’t like themes? There are tons of themes to choose from inspired by Travel, Movies, Books, Animals, etc… Trust us, the possibilities are endless!

INCLUDE PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES! Accessories can range from toys, crazy amounts of pillows, throw blankets, curtains, wall art, and rugs. Accessories can really pull everything together.

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If the room is Travel or Adventure themed, try throwing in a Tipi tent! We’ve also been noticing a trend in hot air balloons that could easily be a fun DIY project!

We hope this weeks blog has given you some great ideas to get your started. Now get to shopping!

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