How do I start creating my dream room? Where do you even start? Start with, “Go you!” for getting to redecorating your room. I have procrastinated redecorating my own master bedroom because it feels like a lot of work but it really isn’t. Try planning, researching, and just have fun.

1. Picture your favorite vacation spot. What does it feel like? Is it somewhere foreign? Smell like? Is it modern, clean, and trendy or is it homey, comfortable, and personal? Fun or Flirty? Dark or Bright? Cluttered or Organized? Try to get the general feeling of what kind of room that you want.

2. Some important details you might want to go over before you start decorating. Do you entertain? Do you have enough seating? Is there something in that room that you have always wanted? Is this a room you can spend all your time in?

3. Create a mood board with a handful of images that you want your room to look like, colors, inspirational words, and certain accessories . This will give you a base of what your room should look and feel like. Pick out details like the wall color, how many pillows, textures, and small details that can be added.

4. These small tips can be the building blocks for your own dream room. Figuring out what your dream room would be is the hardest part but details like home decor and home accessories can be also hard to find. Check out Kess InHouse for unique custom pieces for your home.

Did you enjoy our tips? Please give us more ideas for our Dream Room Makeover below or let us know if you have any other ideas for future blogs. #kessinhouse to get 10% off your next order.

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