“Not only is it part of the cultural history of the United States, but the Southwest vibe is popular because it has a sense of tradition while still regularly receiving fad updates. Pulling looks from southwestern states like New Mexico and Arizona, aligned with traditional Native American design, a creation of beautiful heritage warmth is born.”

You might not have a historically beautiful traditional home or apartment, but here are some key rules to reppin the look in your own space.

Bold Textiles

One of the biggest parts of this style is textiles. And not just any textiles, bold ones. Ones that stand out and draw the attention of your eye as soon as you enter the room and might make you rhetorically go "Ohhhhh....". If you can find some authentic patterns which could be derived from Native American art, it will definitely add depth to your look.

Accent Pieces

Pieces like pottery bowls, hand-painted tiles, and wrought iron accessories are perfect options for an authentic southwestern look. Things pertaining to range animals are a typical touch too; like animal bones, skulls or horns. If you prefer not to have the real thing on your wall, there are so many alternatives that look just as great.

Southwestern Trends

Clean Vintage Style Furniture

With a color palette inspired by the landscape and a hint of natural ruggedness, the Southwestern style allows you to think outside the box and add a ton of personality and heritage to your home. The earthy colors and woven textiles can help you feel the warmth of the desert all year, wherever you live.

Southwestern Trends

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Southwestern Trends


Southwestern Trends

Southwestern Trends

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