When decorating a room, no matter what you put in it, it can look incomplete or one dimensional … without texture. A texture is a glue to a room, it lets your eyes dance around the room and focus on certain elements. The thing about texture though is that it doesn’t have to always be the texture of the walls or what upholstery is on your furniture but what art and colors you bring to a room. The right artwork can convey texture and depth to make your home warm and comfortable. Here are some ways to add texture to your home without breaking the bank.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows already come in a variation of textures but can get generic and busy. Try using throw pillows with artwork that conveys texture but is easier to clean and can be changed out. Remember textures come out when using contrasting colors and different art styles so try something new out.

Throw Pillows

Window Treatments

Windows are the eyes of the room. Whether they are sheer curtains, sun blocking, or you only use blinds they can create a lot of dimension to a room because light reflects highlights and shadows. Use this to your advantage by bringing texture to your windows. If you do get sheer curtains they can be layered to create great textures with letting minimal light in.

Sheer Curtains

Wall Art

Wall art is not only limited to paintings but can be posters, shelving, wall clocks, tapestries, or lighting. Having wall art in every room is important to create your own authentic style for your home. Being able to pick and choose a variation of different styles of wall art will upgrade your home with very little money.

Wall Clocks


Accessories are what you put around your house that are unique or useful items that you use daily. For example, pottery is a great way to show off plants, add texture with the pottery and plants, and give your home a natural air filter. You can also use baskets, blankets, pictures, frames, table runners, bed runners, and tablescapes as textured accessories.

Fleece Blankets

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