With May Greys in the forcast people need a reminder of the beautiful summer days to come. One trend that has stuck around is "plants on pink" or "green on pink". We all know how indoor plants have become all the rage for interior designers. Why not add a splash of pink with it?? This trend started a few months ago but is still going strong so there must be something good about it.

One instagram that made this look popular is Plants On Pink. Even our amazing friends at HGTV did a shoutout about the trend. Near our headquarters office, we found some amazing historic beach shacks that gave us the inspo needed!

These cute little beach apartments have been here for years. I'm sure the owner would have never known that they would be such a trend now a days. said it’s been reported that at least 50 percent of millennials believe that gender runs on a spectrum — this pink is their genderless mascot. At the same time, turn-of-the-century pinks (Paris Hilton Juicy sweat suits, fuzzy Clueless pens) and tacky design tropes of the ’80s (Pepto couches) have made an ironic comeback. Millennial Pink’s desaturated shade is a subtle wink back to those lesser aesthetic times, paired with a sincere confidence that we’re doing it better now. It’s cheeky, sincere, and nostalgic all at once — which is perhaps why the earnest ironist Wes Anderson bathed the entirety of The Grand Budapest Hotel in the color — filling us with a bright, wide-eyed wonder and even, for at least a moment, keeping us calm.

Here's a few print designs from KESS that tie in with the look:


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