Let’s gets heated up for winter with some warm neutrals. “Wild Heart” by Ann Barnes adds a warmth to the room that can only be compared to Autumn. The autumn season is upon us, and making your home as comfortable as possible during the holiday season is important, especially if family is coming to visit. Warm neutrals create the perfect background for family photos and is simple enough to mix and match patterns.



The products below are perfect for mixing and matching Pantone 7430C because they are different hues of the light grey tan. You can easily use these as references when decorating your home. You can usually decorate with all of the hues from warm greys to warm tans to create a whole new space that feels like home. Other colors that go great in the space are red and blue. Red plaids work especially well with these warm neutral tones. Light blues can create a cool contrast that will lend a crisp feel to any room.





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