Two colors that have been trending this year are Pantones 261 U and 486 U, Mint and Coral. These two work perfectly together bringing out the cool tones of the mint and the warm tones of the Coral. Use them this summer in the kitchen or in your own den to get a fresh feel. Alik Arzoumanian “Tropical” is the perfect addition to an already vibrant room with a lot of personality.

Alik Arzoumanian “Tropical”


Alik Arzoumanian “Tropical” White Pastel Cutting Board



Alik Arzoumanian “Tropical” White Pastel Artistic Apron





Alik Arzoumanian “Tropical” White Pastel Throw Pillow



Alik Arzoumanian “Tropical” White Pastel Everything Tote Bag


decoração na cor rosa 3


If you have any images of your own home using Pantone 486 U please feel free to share using #pantonetuesday or comment below with any questions or suggestions for the next Pantone!

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