Pantone 2975 U is sampled from Philip Brown “Blue Pool”. This unique photograph reminds us of swimming, fun, and good old summer break. Use this unique artwork in your pool house, by the pool deck, or just to brighten an already fun modern room. Pantone 2975 U and 286 U are great colors to use to break up a room or bring it together. Blues also give a sense of calm so they are great for kids bedrooms and nurseries.


Philip Brown “Blue Pool” Aqua White Outdoor Throw Pillow



Philip Brown “Blue Pool” Aqua White Coasters (Set of 4)





Philip Brown “Blue Pool” Aqua White Throw Pillow



Philip Brown “Blue Pool” Aqua White Woven Area Rug


Living Room


If you have any images of your own home using Pantone 2975 U please feel free to share using #pantonetuesday or comment below with any questions or suggestions for the next Pantone!