The most common favorite color in the world is blue. Pantone 288U is a common blue that can be used in more ways than one.  Complimenting colors help bring out the best in each other, such as pairing with warmer colors like tans or oranges. Blue is a simple hue so adding too many colors with it drowns it out. Keep in mind that you want blue to stand out so try using it sparingly it creates a focal point.


The neutral tans and warm grays help bring out the cool contrasting tones. Blue is popular because it is calming and basically goes well in all homes, in all types of rooms. Try one of these pairings above for a fresh new look in a well used room. Other complimenting colors can be pinks, oranges, and yellows.


Project M’s “Triangles Blue” is a perfect example of blues and neutrals. The pantone swatches above should help you pick out paint as well as other correlating products and furniture.

Kess InHouse has various products that showcase these color palettes. Try some of the artwork below.

Frederic Levy-Hadida "Squares Traffic Blue" Frederic Levy-Hadida "Bubbling Blue" Heidi Jennings "Blue Lagoon"

Anchobee "Marina" Trebam "Nauticki Blue" Art Love Passion "Blue Diamonds"

Decorating can be more than color matching. Try having the blue used as a focal point rather than just a color palette for the whole room. Use it for the accent wall, some throw pillows, and maybe a few pieces of wall art to help tie the room together. Not everything has to be blue, but anything important should compliment the blue tone.



Let us know if these tips help you decorate with the color blue, Pantone 288U. Please use the hashtag #pantonetuesday and leave a comment below.