Pantone 213U is pink! Cute, adorable, versatile pink is a popular color for women but do not let that stop you from decorating with it. Pink can brighten up the dullest rooms. Harshly lit rooms can be softened by a touch of pink. Try pink to add a pop of color or contrast to a room.




Pantone 213U is a hue of pink that can be paired with many colors and create balance. Oranges, yellows, blues, and greens go well with pink and all give a different vibe to your space. For example, using pink with green can create a garden like space or pink with orange resembles a sunset. These complimenting colors can help for a more versatile pink. Need some suggestions? Look at some of the products below:

CM1072ACD01 DI1087AAR01 MM4085CYM01 JD1060ACB02 AS1022BNP01 DB1003AFB04 MM1041AFB04 KIH054ACU01 CT3020ABM01


Let us know if these tips help you decorate with pink, Pantone 213U. Please use the hashtag #pantonetuesday and leave a comment below.