Seeing red?

Autumn is here and we are all seeing red. Red creates warmth and a sense of comfort in a room.  Maroon is a great color to design with inside and outside of your home. Pantone 1815C goes well with light blues and bright yellows as well as darker greens and browns. Experiment with these complimenting colors that can turn your summer home into an autumn cottage.



Nikposium “Red Sea” is a perfect example of using Pantone 1815C because it uses various colors to bring out the deep rich color of the maroon. Here are some examples below of shower curtains that bring out the perfect Pantone 1815C in your bathroom. Don’t forget the matching bath mat.

IL2045ASC01 TW1046ASC01 NA1005ASC01 ME1002BSC01 FM2015ASC01 EM1030ASC01


Let us know if these tips help you decorate with yellow, Pantone 1815C. Please use the hashtag #pantonetuesday and leave a comment below.