Decorating is easy enough when you use very minimal design with little color but what if you wanted artwork that is a little busier? This week’s Pantone Tuesday is inspired by Budi Kwan “Busy”. This artwork is very modern, but can get a little “Busy” when put into a room. Here are some tips on how to decorate with a detailed pattern.



  1. Figure out the top two colors and decorate accordingly. Decorating for two colors is a lot easier than decorating for 3-7.
  2. Do not take color matching too seriously. “Busy” by Budi Kwan has three main colors, as shown above, but finding artwork that matches the same color as well as the shade is very difficult. Try using complimentary colors as well as darker or lighter shades of the main colors to match your room and artwork.
  3. Pick artwork that is less busy. “Busy” has a lot of color already, and you don’t want to get overwhelmed. Pick out artwork that is simple and modern to match the style. See the products below for examples.
  4. Never match the color of your walls to the busy pattern. It will reflect more of the pattern and make your room look small.
  5. Decorate with any artwork you want. Do not let the busy pattern or colors stop you from using them in a space. You can always find other artwork / home decor to match.

KESS Original "Sunrise" Orange Bokeh Place Mat Heidi Jennings "Blue Lagoon" Aqua Navy Coasters (Set of 4) Budi Kwan "Busy" Cutting Board  CarolLynn Tice "Deep Sea" Blue Artistic Apron


Let us know if these tips help you decorate with busy patterns, Pantone 144U. Please use the hashtag #pantonetuesday and leave a comment below.