We all need a couple of Life Hacks to make our life a lot easier. Here is one that we highly recommend since changing duvet covers can be cumbersome and tiring. Check out this video to help explain to you how to change from one duvet to another.

Step-by-step Instructions :

  1. Layout the duvet cover inside out on your bed.
  2. Lay the insert right on top of the duvet cover.
  3. Start from the closed end and start rolling it up into a burrito.
  4. Once the duvet is in a roll, tuck the ends inside.
  5. Start unrolling the duvet till flat.
  6. Clean up the edges and close duvet cover.

Doesn’t that make it a lot easier? If you have any life hacks that help your home please comment below. Remember to #kessinhouse or #kesskulture when you try this yourself.