We are rolling out our new Kess Kit. It will be a compilation of new art from our beautiful artist circle. We'll have a post each week so check out the new stuff and if you like what you see, click the image to see how rad it would look on a product in your home. Now let's get to it.

This weeks Kess Kit has work from Agnes Schugardt, 83 Oranges, Stacey-Ann Cole and Sylvia Cook. From a range of trendy floral to a beautiful hand painted portrait. I'm sure you see how rad each are in their own way. Click on the photo to see how it looks on some products!

This piece is by 83 Oranges and it is entitled "Forbidden Fruit". Vibrant colors, hand drawn feel and trendy leaves make this piece a true winner.

This piece is by Stacey-Ann Cole and it is entitled "Nature's Beauty". The attention to detail and the attachment that you feel toward this woman is incredible. We love it!

This piece is by Agnes Schugardt and it is entitled "Bouquet". The color and symmetry makes this piece fun and happy. Who doesn't need more of that?!

This piece is by Sylvia Cook and it is entitled "Watercolor Magnolias". We all know that modern floral prints are here to stay in 2017 and that's why this piece fits right in.

We picked out some of our products that we think these pieces look amazing on so check them out and enjoy this week's Kess Kit!







Check in next week for the next KESS KIT !



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