Are you ready for St.Patricks Day? Check out these Irish Drinks and Treats for the holiday.






Muphy’s, O’Haras, and Guinness are staples for this drinking holiday. They are very dark Irish beers with a kick of their own. Murphy’s Irish Stout has a good review by Beer Advocate, “Love the silk smoothness, almost like the texture of drinking chocolate milk.” O’Haras Irish Stout’s review from them also states: “Roasty, chocolatey, with a touch of char at the finish. There’s a touch of diacetyl, but a solid beer. Hints of coffee.” And let’s not leave out the Guinness Draught review, “Dry creamy feel. Subtle roasted malt aroma. Predominately pitch black but has some brown around the edge. Faint chalky feel. Rich tan head that leaves a handsome film on the glass.” If you haven’t tried any of these tasty beers yet we highly recommend it!




Irish Whiskey is probably the number one drink on St. Patricks day next to green beer. Check out these popular Irish Whiskeys to wet your whistle. Bushmills is a higher end whiskey has layers of sweetness (honeyed vanilla, rummy molasses, and toasted marshmallow) that are balanced by toasted nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate. Redbreast has a honeyed taste and is silky in texture, with toffee, toasted marshmallow, nougat, maple syrup, banana bread, and a hint of toasted coconut. Classic Irish whiskey! Jameson is the most known Irish Whiskey but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t taste good. It is a great whiskey with a dollop of pot still whiskey, providing plummy, rich fruits to the mix.


Also try these classic Irish cocktails to celebrate the holiday!

Irish Car Bomb Irish Flag ShotPot of Gold Cocktail


Check out these traditional Irish dishes known to fill the masses and soak up the beer! (Good tip to help prevent that nasty hangover!)

Corn Beef and CabbageBoxty Shepherds Pie


Please drink responsibly.