Color matching is very important for designing as well as decorating your home. Pantone is a system for matching colors that are usually used in printing. We can utilize this system not only for printing but for color matching in your own home.

Pantone Swatch

Pantones are wonderful to use because it helps you not only find a color that you like, but also helps you coordinate colors that compliment each other. We have all had that hard time color matching a pillow or curtain to the paint on your walls but who said that they needed to exactly match? Sometimes it is better to find a complimentary color to create depth to a room or to add more light. This is only one of the ways to utilize Pantones but trust me when I say there are hundreds more.

Pantone 338U

Check out the Pantone swatch above. Pantone 338U is a teal color that can go with grey but can also compliment coral, tan, orange, and dark blues. Try this with colors in your home and you’re guaranteed to impress.

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