'Hygge' (pronounced like heur-gha) a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word is said to have no direct translation in English, though “cozy” comes close. It derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.” Associated with relaxation, indulgence, and gratitude, hygge has long been considered a part of the Danish national character. In a 1957 “Letter from Copenhagen” in The New Yorker, the writer Robert Shaplen reported that hygge was “ubiquitous” in the city: “The sidewalks are filled with smiling, hyggelige people, who keep lifting their hats to each other and who look at a stranger with an expression that indicates they wish they knew him well enough to lift their hats to him, too.”

Winter is the most hygge time of year. It is candles, nubby woolens, shearling slippers, woven textiles, pastries, blond wood, sheepskin rugs, lattes with milk-foam hearts, and a warm fireplace. Hygge can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, or compound noun, like hyggebukser, otherwise known as that shlubby pair of pants you would never wear in public but secretly treasure. Hygge can be found in a bakery and in the dry heat of a sauna in winter, surrounded by your naked neighbors. It’s wholesome and nourishing, like porridge; Danish doctors recommend “tea and hygge” as a cure for the common cold. It’s possible to hygge alone, wrapped in a flannel blanket with a cup of tea, but the true expression of hygge is joining with loved ones in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere..

With this new trend hitting closer to our home, we decided to see what prints and products vibe with them atmospheric hygge vibe. Huddling around a roaring fire with family and friends is definitely part of the Danish culture – a wood-burning stove is a great energy-efficient option that the Danes would definitely approve of. Since blankets are a big thing, here are some artistic prints that ooze hyggeness!

Comfy Blankets

You can never go wrong with flannel or plaid. It can be one of the most comforting designs known to man! Warm colors can be very snugglific as well. Here are some designs from that we love!

Schemes are often purely monochrome, or a subtle mix of harmonious tonal shades.

Bedroom Vibes

If you want to add some color, but still maintain a hygge way, try dull and calming colors schemes like this bedroom setup.  Soft blue hues and dull yellows can brighten the room slightly without turning it into a crayon box.  White walls can keep it clean and crisp.  Textured designs will add depth and dimension to the atmosphere.

Staying Cozy

You don’t need to overhaul your interior to make it more hyggeligt, tiny additions to the home can transform any moment. Treating yourself to your favorite coffee, indulging in new bubble bath for long dips by candlelight or finally putting your favorite photographs on the wall are all instant mood lifters whenever you use/see them, so take the time to enjoy them.

The Danes hate waste, so reuse and recycle objects where you can – get creative by upcycling antique pieces of furniture or find a new use of an old item. The good thing about hygge is that nothing has to be perfect; it’s more about the sentimentality of an old armchair that used to belong to a family member, for example, than buying lots of brand-new furniture.

Rather than a rushing for a quick shower in the morning, make sure your bathroom is a place for rest and rejuvenation. The trend for spa-style bathrooms is on the rise with even saunas – a favourite among Scandinavians – becoming more common in bathrooms across the globe. Simple is often best, however, and nothing beats a soak in a steaming hot bath. Invest in candles, fluffy bath robes, clever storage, good lighting and even a sound system to make your experience as relaxing as possible.

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