Summma !! 

It's close to summer time and the outdoor season is almost here.  This year outdoor picnics and hangs are going to be ideal so we put together a simple tutorial on how to take your spot to the next level.  

We think the perfect spot will be peaceful, secluded, and full of nature!  Whether it's a golden field or a flowery garden setting, you have to find a spot that emits peace for you. This is the location we picked.  Its a large park so it's a safe location but big enough that we felt secluded.

The perfect location

Once you find the perfect location, you can bring all the comfort you want!
We wanted to lay down some blankets first and work up from there. We used the KESS round blankets.  They're good for the beach, the park or as a poolside towel.  

The right table

Then we had to find the right table.  We found this awesome raw wood chest for free.  It seemed  to be a perfect height and length for a picnic table. 

The essentials

Then we had to spruce up that awesome table.  We went for a soft touch.  We wanted some wild flowers and candles to glam it up.  We also grabbed one of the KESS table runners to add some color.  Here are a few table settings we arranged!

And the comfort zone

Last, and certainly not least, are the pillows!!  Bring the comfort zone from 0 to 60 real quick. 

A few layouts

Here's some of our finished layouts!  Definitely makes us want to lay back and relax.

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