January 14th has been deemed the "Organize Your Home Day". But if you're like us, you probably are more likely to put off organizing your home until you can't take it anymore. It's definitely a huge task to tackle. But with a few key principles you can not only find the perfect spot for everything but stay organized. But the conventional clear plastic bin doesn't have to be the only route to take when needing to organize your things. Many designers have thrown out some amazing tips and suggestions in order to organize in a easy and stylish way.



Double Duty Furniture

When it comes to finding a place to store something, hidden places are always best. Furniture that doubles as storage is the easiest way to utilize the space in a particular room.

Accents with Purposes

Every space needs decorative accents to bring the room to life. Why not use those accents to serve a purpose. Things like bowls, boxes or baskets can add spice but also be functional in storing necessary items like books or blankets. Using bowls or boxes for your daily pocket items is a great way to keep everything together and ready for a quick getaway.

Wire Free

In a technology world, we have multiple items needing power. From speakers to lights to laptops and cell phones, try going as wire free as possible. You can eliminate the look of clutter with the absence of cables and wires.

Controlled Chaos

Sometimes mixing the chaos and organization together works well.. We see this look in many designer magazines. Initially it may look like a mess but with a deeper look you can see that many things are actually placed purposely. It can be anything from the bed to a stack of all of your books.




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