Green is the most natural of all the colors, and can turn any home from a busy hodgepodge or plain living space into a place of peaceful tranquility. Adding green to a variety of rooms can smoothen out any inconsistencies and add a touch of natural without redoing the entire room. Green is an excellent color because it blends well a wide variety of colors, and can be used both as a base color or accenting.


Adding a splash of green to a neutral wall color such as white, or light gray can add a touch of bold color and make the the room seem vibrant and alive. Combing with earthy brown tones can add to the natural look and give the appearance of a kind of faux forest.


Try a few of the color combinations below to get started giving your home a more mellow and natural feel. Green is a very versatile color and can be applied in a variety of ways with many different shades to work with.

colors2 colors3colors1