Minimalist Decor is all about comfort and stress-free living. It can create a calm, cooling wave throughout the house that can change your whole home. If you want the minimal decor look start with a few simple steps:

1Start with Furniture. Furniture should be clean, modern, and the least amount of clutter as possible. Keep the furniture to comfort and livability, nothing more. That means no useless ottomans or other nonfunctional furniture.


2Clear walls, surfaces, and floors. Walls in a minimalist home should have maybe one or two pieces of art. Surfaces should be cleaned and have out of the way storage. Once you have settled on your furniture it should be the only thing touching the floor. Nothing should be stored, stacked, or laying on the floor except for a rug and the furniture.

Minimal Living Room

Fredric Levy Hadida "Drops"Amanda Lane "Gray Moroccan"Empire Ruhl "51 Shades of Gray"


3Declutter and store out of sight. Take advantage of drawers, cabinets, and bookshelves. Make sure to clean them out and organize so they can be used more for future clutter.


4Simplify decorations, artwork, and window treatments. Decorations can be playful – especially since your room will be clear of all clutter – but keep them to a maximum of two. Artwork should be subdued but most walls should be kept blank. Stick with the bare necessities with your windows such as plain curtains or wooden blinds.


Amanda Lane "Navajo Dreams"Minimal Bedroom



5Plain patterns and subdued colors. Most minimal decor starts off with a classic white base; the rest of the room should be easy on the eyes using subdued colors like earth tones and some simple reds and blues. Plain patterns will keep the room from feeling empty as well as keeping it less cluttered.


Minimal Bed

Libertad Leal "Vintage Roses" Myan Soffia "Balance"