Getting ready for the holidays is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a few moments to think about your guests and making them comfortable. It takes a few extra details to create the perfect guest suite. Help them feel at ease in your home when visiting during the holidays.


1 Start by freshening up the linens. Nothing feels like home more than a clean bed and new sheets. Take a look into more festive quilts and duvets like Brienne Jepkema “Sunflower” Cotton Duvet Cover. Also keep in mind that some guests read at night, charge phones etc. so make sure you have a nightstand and lamp.

Fleece Blanket


Throw Pillow Throw Pillow Throw Pillow

2 The more pillows the better! Having throw pillows on your guest’s bed gives the room a homey feeling as well as a feeling of decadence.  Try mixing and matching styles; for example, a geometric design, Pom Graphic Design “Autumn” on the right and the organic design, Kristin Humphrey “In Depth” in the middle. Extra blankets can also help them feel comfortable during the colder months. They can be either draped over the edge of the bed or on a chair.


Sheer CurtainsDecor


3 Lastly, providing your guests with privacy, fan, and candles are good ideas all around. Try adding curtains on the windows to help provide an extra touch of privacy. No one sleeps the same so having the option of a fan is very considerate. Candles helps freshen the room as well as add a romantic element to your guest suite.

These small tips can help your holidays go a lot smoother for you and your guests. Remember to relax because no matter how stressful it does get their guest suite will be fabulous.