The bohemian look is what the hippie chic movement is based off of. It is a mix of vibrant colors, patterns, mix-match furniture, clutter, tapestries, and books. To get the bohemian look choose a very bright color palette: peacock blue, magenta, and marigold yellow. Use a bunch of patterns; the more busy it looks the closer you are getting to that perfect boho feel.

Boho Bed


AlyZen Moonshadow "Birds in Love Yellow"Claire Day "Mermaids"Nikposium "Red Sea"

Change up the furniture a bit by mixing and matching chairs & ottomans. Go to thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales, either leaving them in their original wear and tear or refinishing them. The bohemian decor is a travelers paradise because it consists of miscellaneous clutter. Try using your souvenirs from other countries, knick-knacks, hookah, flowers in vases, basically anything that inspires you. It should look like organized chaos.


Pom Graphic Design "Artisan" Living Room Boho

Jane Smith "Indian Jewelry"Anneline Sophia "Aztec Boho"


Next try using tapestries, rugs, and A LOT of pillows! The boho look is heavily inspired by Moroccan decor where they usually sit on floors covered by rugs and pillows. Opt for eccentric colors and patterns with various sizes and textures.

Boho BedDanii Pollehn "Unbenannt"


Once you have put all of these tips together, all it needs is a little touch of your own personality. Try adding your favorite novels stacked on the floor and bookshelves and maybe a hammock or two. The more the merrier!