Aztec prints have been a staple for winter wear for years and now they are creeping into Home Decor and we love it! Aztec design comes from the aztec culture in Mexico from 14th century to 16th century. They were amazing artists, decorating their shields with geometric designs like the ones we see today.

Bag Pillow

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Cardigan Pillow Case



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When decorating your home with aztec remember that it is a bold color pallet and the focal point of a room. Aztec patterns are usually used as accents because they are so bold and busy. Try using a rug or throw pillows to spruce up the room.



Cutting Board Throw Blanket Shower Curtain


Aztec does not only have to be super bold or colorful. Some designs are tuned down for a more modern feel. Try adding some new pattern to your home with some aztec accents.