Spread the love. Gifting can now be easier with a little inspiration. Try to create gifts that are thoughtful and customized for the person. For one they will appreciate the attention you gave them by picking out something that reminded you of them and it should be something that they will remember. Also, remember that gifts do not only have to have one purpose but can have many. Here is a list of gifts that can be customized for anyone special.

Monogram Items

The perfect item for anyone - just try to remember what their name is. You can get any home decor items customized here.

Everything Bags

Same as a makeup bag or a clutch but these bags can come in 7000 different art pieces. You can use them for the beach, going out, makeup, or just for travel. See more of these here.

Cutting Boards

Not only for cutting veggies but glass cutting boards can also be used to plate food and serve. Here are some cutting boards that are cute and appetizing.

Luggage Bundles

These are great for your friends that you’re in a long-distance relationship with. When they come out to visit, give them a little something to remember you when they are on the plane. These are cheap, cute, and come with matching handle here!


Have a tea or coffee drinker in your life? Get them a custom mug that everyone in the office will be jealous of.

Tote Bags

Tote Bags are the most versatile when gifting because it can be filled with all of their favorite things like a tote bag filled with their favorite books or candy. You can also use tote bags for the farmers market, the beach, and for school.


Great gifts for notes and pencil sketches. Always get the lined books because lines do not limit your doodles.

Do you also have great gift ideas? Send us a comment or message and we would love to hear about it. #kessinhouse for additional discounts.

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