If you’re like us, you probably still have a lot of holiday shopping to do.  With ever changing trends, finding something that will last till the next holiday season can be difficult.  We have a few ideas to be trendy and practical with your gift giving this year!  Lets hit the Top on our list for both sides.

For Him


Whether he likes his coffee iced or his Scotch on the rocks, HyperChiller’s innovative design allows him to chill just about any beverage to the perfect iced temperature in less than two minutes — without diluting the taste with actual ice. Not only will this save his pocket change, it’ll improve his overall tasting experience with everything from beans to malt.

“STACHING” iPhone Case

If you’re gonna be attached at the ear to your cell phone, might as well look good doing it! These hard plastic phone cases are easy to snap onto your phone and keep it protected. Your phone will become instantly art chic.

iPeace Out Sunglasses

The minimalist, that’s a little larger than life, but just the right size. These matte-finish shades are a sophisticated cool, but still casual enough for everyday. The perfect partner to your jeans and t-shirt.


These are certainly not his grandpa’s slippers. What started in Denmark as a practical way to stay warm, Glerups slippers and indoor shoes are as comfy as they come. Made from 100% moisture-wicking wool, Glerups will keep his feet warm and dry all winter — not to mention stylish and unique.

Nauticki Blue Aqua Everything Bag

Travel in style with this everything bag to hold all your necessary items. Great for everyday use or on the go, these bags hold everything from computer/phone cords to make up/cosmetics to school supplies and everything in between.

Herringbone Wool Scarf

You can never have too many scarves — they serve a practical purpose, but are also a great accessory that take zero skill to command, making it easy for him to switch up his sartorial day-to-day in the dreary winter months. The Herringbone scarf from Frank & Oak is made from 100% no-itch wool, so not only is it warm, it’s cozy too.

Herschel Strand Canvas Duffle

We didn’t think their bags could get better, but every new season, Herschel’s collections are bigger and better-quality. Their thick canvas duffle is a great weekend and everyday bag. True to its heritage inspiration, it is durable and classic, with its leather accents and gold zipper.

Archer Distillery Air Freshener

A can of Glade would just be mean, but this distillery-scented air freshener (charred oak, sour mash, bourbon) is enough of a novelty that he might actually use it. One hopes.

For Her

Tom Ford’s White Patchouli

For a scent that will take her from day to night, give her Tom Ford’s White Patchouli. It smells amazing, it looks great on her bedroom dresser and when people ask what she’s wearing she gets to say “Tom Ford”. Cue the Jay Z vibes.

Herbivore Jasmine Body Oil

Save her skin this winter with pure botanical oils from Herbivore. Unlike the traditional cream-based moisturizer, this jasmine oil is formulated with only effective natural ingredients — no fillers. This means that her skin will easily be able to absorb all the moisture, antioxidants and vitamins directly.

TOMS Slippers

Winter without slippers is like a tent with a missing tentpole — functional but not exactly comfortable. These TOMS slippers are guaranteed to keep toes warm with their faux shearling lining and plaid upper, and are a great house shoe thanks to their supportive insole and molded footbed. Plus, in accordance with TOMS’s One For One policy, they’ll match every purchase by donating one pair of shoes to a child in need.

Face Shop’s Character Mask

The Face Shop’s Character Mask is a new launch from the Kbeauty brand, and it is a sheet mask with cute animal face designs printed onto it. As the name indicates, when you wear the sheet mask, you are also wearing a “character mask” of sorts, and The Face Shop has 5 masks for you to choose from – panda, fox, sheep, dragon, and tiger. No snapchat filters necessary.

Westward Leaning – Flower Round Sunglasses

Get that 1967’s flower inspiration vibes.  100% UV Protection. Bright colors to bring some warmth into the chilly season.

Blossoms Floral Tote Bag

With grocery shopping bags now changing in some states, bags will be a necessary item for everyone’s everyday use.  Show her how practical you are while getting something that looks trendy as well.

The fact is: It’s woefully easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing—or making—holiday gifts. But don’t let that suck the joy out of the actual act of giving itself. A gift exchange should be fun; with the right approach, it can also be imaginative, rewarding, and, yes, even a way to cut back on presents. Holiday party planners, etiquette experts, and readers share strategies for making a gift exchange more memorable.  Thanks for  checking out our ideas!  Comment with any great ideas you may have too.

Happy shopping!!

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