If there’s one design element that has been having a major moment lately, it has to be gallery walls. Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, creating a gallery with your favorite prints and art pieces can instantly elevate the style of any space. And lately, we’ve been seeing more and more wall galleries popping up on Instagram and Pinterest… so we thought we’d show you what Kess InHouse can do with some of the thousands of pieces that we sell on our site!

Placement has become as much of an art as the pieces being hung. Some go the route of a traditional symmetrical look.  Of course there’s two ways to go – horizontal or vertical.  Play with a few layouts until you identify the best one for your gallery wall.  You could even use painters tape to visualize the photo’s on the wall.  It doesn’t have to be exactly centered.  When building your gallery wall, try hanging pieces to the left or right of center for an arrangement that is less formal.

Below are two options, Horizontal and Vertical:

Mid-Century vs Victorian

No matter what decor and design your going for, wall galleries fit just in. You could be going for a Victorian look and a wall gallery will still look on point. And possibly display some intriguing family history!  Gallery walls can be used as a unique way to document and tell a story of your travels and experiences.

Maybe you’re going for a more Mid-Century look. Wall galleries were still part of home decor then too. Using dull but eclectic colors and designs will suit you well.

But even current trendy vibes have the same skeleton idea.  Different sizes, different shapes but a cohesive look.  You can mix it up well with this design.  Illustrations, paintings and a menagerie of distinctive pieces can all have a home on your gallery wall.

Modern Vibes

Here are our prints giving a more Modern vibe.

For some, using a bunch of prints could be daunting. So an idea to subside those feeling would be to use just a few prints but of a more substantial size. Piece them together symmetrically and you’ll still have that large art gallery wall feel. Here’s a few more prints from Kess used for a minimal look.

Frame Placement Ideas

Framing your pieces are important too.  For a clean look, frames in the same color and style are the perfect fit. You can also mix and match picture frames so that you work feels like it has been collected over time. The final and most important thing to remember when creating your gallery wall is that there is no specific formula for creating a great display.  Enjoy the creative process and have fun creating a unique gallery wall that you will enjoy over time.

If you need a few ideas for wall placements, here are a few designs that work well.

Check out all our Kess wall prints at and let us know if you have stumbled upon a few good ideas as well!.

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